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A Recipe for Wood Rot

When you buy a plant at your favorite nursery; notice the tag on it that tells you how tall and wide that plant will get. Pay close attention to their planting recommendations so you don’t have an expensive removal in

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So You Think That You Have Wood Rot?

There are many names for this problem. Some call it wood rot or dry rot. Others call it pest damage or water damage. Whatever you want to call it, and whatever the source of the problem; Wood Rot is a

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The Ultimate Guide to Moving and Remodeling in Raymore, MO

  You’ve started in the right place if you are looking to make a wise financial decision for your family. Reading up on remodeling verses moving costs in Raymore, MO will help you make the best decision. A lot of

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Cedar Shredded Mulch

Today I did a mulch job using Cedar Shredded Mulch. I usually use a hardwood mulch, but this is what the customer had before. To find out this is actually excellent for steep grades, where washout is common. It has

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