Cedar Shredded Mulch

Today I did a mulch job using Cedar Shredded Mulch. I usually use a hardwood mulch, but this is what the customer had before. To find out this is actually excellent for steep grades, where washout is common. It has a mixture of cedar bark and cedar chips mixed with a stringy hair like shreds. The hair like strands is what weaves it all together to help hold it on the steep hills. I’m not a cedar mulch fan, but it looks like an excellent alternative in places where your mulch gets washed out. From a little distance it looked like normal hardwood mulch. Working with it, it reminded me of my grandparents old poodle with matted hair, but hey if it stays in the landscaped area, I’m for it. Also it was a little more expensive than typical hardwood mulch. O yeah, it is still a little to early to mulch in Missouri (1/3 of the bags had frozen mulch that we had to chip apart).

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