Bath Rehab

This is a before and after picture of a house that I rehabed. As you can see, this master bath is to gross to use (it was taken with a good camera, so the picture is better than it really was.). My guys were hating me on this one, when they had to hug the toilet to carry it out.

Didn’t really do nothing fancy. The shower was moved back against the wall to accommodate a 32″x32″ shower. The pedestal sink was removed and replaced with this 2′ base cabinet with an inexpensive top and a moen faucet. 12″x12″ tile was installed on the floor and around the shower. It’s hard to see, but the floor grout is a couple shades darker than the wall grout. In person, it makes it look like there are two different styles of tile that match really well. The floor vent was moved over. A clean kohler toilet was installed. Minimal sheetrock repair was done. Six inch base trim was added, then it was painted.

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