Old Junk

Here is some more dollar decorating. Just cool and useless junk that others were selling very cheap. Old cameras, film, postcards, pictures, and a wooden picture viewer (second shelf on right). On top is an old mantle clock and some old alarm clocks. The cabinet I got for free at a burn job. The roof had caved in and punctured the glass out of it. I had to install a new 1/4″ oak back and new shelves (pine 1″x8″ ‘s with rounded fronts and stained oak color), and the whole thing had to be stripped. Added new glass and polyurethaned it. It was a cheap restoration. Notice the decorative “acorn” on the front legs.

This old trunk was a nice find. I came upon a several garage sales on one block. I noticed that this other guy was following and trying to race me, so I decided to skip a few to get up the road quicker. We got down to the last two garage sales, and he went to one and I went to the other. As we met back in the street, he commented that we were after antique junk. After talking a while, I asked him what was up with the four trunks in his truck bed. He said that he bought them all for $3.00. Then he asked if I wanted to buy one for $5.00 each. They were nasty and wreaked with must and mold. I picked this one with the intention to leave it outside under the porch to set flower pots on. After getting it home, my wife found a website that told you how to clean these old trunks. After cleaning, this is the treasure that we ended up with.

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