Chicken Coop

Believe it or not, this was our chicken coop. Years ago, some friends of ours was getting into the chicken business, so we thought that we would join them. For several weekends we went around to the couple of other families houses to help build their chicken coops. When I told them that I wanted mine to look like a general store, they laughed at me. “No really, I serious.”, I told them. It didn’t cost that much more to make a nice looking outbuilding. I wanted all of my buildings to match the time area of our old house.
I framed the floor like a deck (2″x8″ cca). It was a 10’x10′. I put plywood on 8’x10′ and decking boards on the front 2′ (porch area). The front wall was 10′ tall, leaving 2′ showing above to put our general store sign on. I had the front door laying around and the windows are storm windows fastened to 1″x4″ ‘s.

Then we decorated it with antique junk.

When we sold our house, our realtor liked it so much that he wanted one too. He wanted a saloon. Real barn wood was used for the siding on the front and right side.
I couldn’t find a finished picture of this. The steps are missing and the masonite siding is not painted brown. Also there was another chicken run on the right side. The door was painted black to give the illusion that there is no door there.
The side walls are 8′ tall. There is shallow pitch on the roof. Roll roofing was used. The chicken run is 6′ tall with a 2′ door for entry. (bottom, far left). 1″ chicken wire is wrapped around the sides and roof.
Thanks for looking!
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