Our Country Tis of Thee, The Greatest Nation to Ever Be

I wrote this as the day unfolded on September 11, 2001.
Our Country Tis of Thee
The Greatest Nation to Ever Be
With no warning of this raid.
Down goes two great towers of trade.
With smoke filling in the sky.
All people know to do is cry.
As planes are directed to land.
We ask, “Where is God’s hand?”
People are now really feeling the scare.
With planes unaccounted for in the air.
The fear of war,
Is from shore to shore.
As we watched with fright.
Now is the time to be humble and contrite.
Has our Christian ways been left in the past?
Is this why our flags are now at half mast?
We are the home of the brave,
But is it money or God we crave?
How our nation is in an uproar,
Is the problem we’re rotten to the core?
In schools we’ve taken prayer out,
Now in the halls drugs roam about.
Now our freedoms we have to fight in court,
Like the Ten Commandment plaques they want to abort.
What about the people on meth?
Or what about a doctor taking a baby’s last breathe?
 Through this there is only one place to be,
With a broken spirit and down on one knee.
As our revenge will be quick and just,
We are now realizing only in God we can trust.
With our power we like to boast,
But we really need is the Lord of Host.
We know what the Bible has to say,
We need to humble ourselves and pray.
Cling close to God with all your might.
Then once again we’ll be a beacon of light.
God help us to seek your face,
And don’t hold back your amazing grace.
This country was built with you as the Corner Stone,
Help us to follow you alone.
As “Old Glory” flies high,
Remember the men and women who had to die.
To make this the land of the free,
There’s not another country in the world I’d rather be.
 Our Country Tis of Thee,
The Greatest Nation to Ever Be.

Written By Brian Hill on 9/11/01

Photo found at: http://picsbox.biz/key/american%20flag%20pictures%20with%20boy on September 10, 2011

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