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A Recipe for Wood Rot

When you buy a plant at your favorite nursery; notice the tag on it that tells you how tall and wide that plant will get. Pay close attention to their planting recommendations so you don’t have an expensive removal in

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How to Trim a Bush!

          Bush Trimming¬† Proposed Tools: Hedge Trimmers: manual, electric or gas Long reach hedge trimmer if needed for high bushes Mixed gas Hand pruners Loppers Gas blower Garden Rake Leaf Rake Pitch fork Push broom Tarp

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Pruned rose of sharon

Here we have some Rose of Sharon bushes. They were massive before we pruned them back. You can see the dirt in front of the edging. No grass would grow. These bushes were up in the soffits and gutters. The

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Forsythia Bush

Forsythia bushes proudly announces that spring is here. This one needs trimmed back it is about 8’x8′.Cut off a handful of stems and place them in a vase for some bright spring color in your house.

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