Peony Flower


A very popular carefree perennial is the peony flower. My introduction to this flower was probably ten years ago. I just had taken on a new residential mowing account with a huge lawn. The house was not elaborate but it was huge. It had a large deck that went down and landed on the most massive paver patio that I had seen. The patio had to be at least 20’x40’ and it flowed beautifully out from the house while it curved around missing the enormous oak trees in the yard. Following along the curvy edges of this patio was a three-foot-deep landscape bed with little green plants starting to come out as spring progressed.

One Wednesday morning in May, I came cruising around the corner of this house, headed to the backyard on my 52” Snapper mower and I was immediately intoxicated by the beauty of fifty plus feet of dark pink peony flowers in full bloom in that 3’ landscape bed that followed along the patio. I turned off the mower and approached the row of flowers to touch, smell and drink in this sight. The view was magnificent and forever etched in my mind.

After asking the homeowner, what type of flowers those were; I sought to make sure that I had some in my yard.

The peony flower is a low maintenance perennial plant does well in a sunny location with well-drained soil. Unfortunately, the one down side is that the bloom cycle is short, but even so, it will be a great welcome in your back yard to see it come and show off its colors each spring.

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