Kansas City’s Lawns are Turning Brown

With the lack of rain along with the hot winds and extreme daytime temperatures; Kansas City lawns have struggled to say the least. Those that have been watering their lawns have found the need to increase the water intake. Even with the extra water some lawns are still stressed and are not as green and vibrant as they usually are.

Those without the ability to water consistently either because of not having a sprinkler system or the time to hand water or maybe even the budget to do so are seeing their lawns to start to turn brown.

When a lawn turns brown; it is natures way to save the root system. The lawn isn’t necessarily dying, but rather going dormant to protect the plants stem (stolon) and the root system.

If you decide to forgo watering the lawn multiple times a week and allow the lawn to go dormant (or if it has already gone dormant); you should go ahead and apply 1”-2” of water once every two weeks to make sure the stolon and root system doesn’t burn up. Lawns normally can survive a drought for a few weeks on its own, but it is getting past that period where the lawns will need some moisture to survive. Also, try to minimize the foot traffic on the lawn and if you do mow; never cut more than a third of the grass blade off and don’t cut the lawn shorter than 2 ½”-3”.

If you decide to keep pumping the water to your lawn to keep it green; slow and deep waterings in the morning hours are the best. If your lawn has blue grass in it; an additional short afternoon watering might also be needed to cool the lawn down.

So, if your lawn is turning brown; do not stress. Chances are you can minimize the summer heat damage on your lawn with little work and water, but if this heat continues, don’t worry; fall is coming. In the fall is the best time to get a thicker greener lawn by renovating and overseeding your lawn.

Everyone loves a thick green lawn


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