Lawn and Landscape Clean Up

First cut of the year

First cut of the year

Spring is here! It’s time to get out in the lawn and landscape and clean it up after winter and recent storm damage. In the landscape, it’s time to cut back perennials and fountain grasses to allow the new growth to come forth. Cut back the knockout roses to your desirable size ( I usually cut them to knee high and let them grow through out the year and only cut back the spent buds). Get the leaves out of the landscape and the window wells so there is no home for unwanted critters. In the lawn, pick up all of the sticks and debris. With all of the storm damage, rake around the trees to get all of the small sticks and bark. If you have access to a blower; walk the yard blowing the grass to help it stand back up and blow the thatch and debris out of the grass. After the yard is cleaned up; mow your grass a little lower than normal. This will cut back any frost damage and help remove the thatch, plus your grass will green up quicker. After cutting, you can overseed any bare areas and/or fertilize with a pre-emergent for crabgrass control.

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