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I used the existing edging and design that was already there. It was full of mostly perennials and ground covers.

Under the window on the right are some magic berry hollies. In the middle is a maiden fountain grass with wild looking flowers around it.

Going up the steps are knock out roses.

This picture is from the front step. The landscape was so deep that it felt crowded on the sidewalk, so these stepping stones were added (going no where) to make it feel like there were other options besides going down the steps. It gave a nice illusion, plus your eye is drawn to the decorative tree. Those are boxwoods on the left of the steps and on the right are lilies.

The two bushes in front of the window were already there (I think they are witch hazel bushes). The far left is a variegated dogwood.

The little tree is a lilac bush that was trained to grow like a tree. Under it are three sedge plants. The pink flower is a hydrangea bush. The green bush is a sea green juniper.
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